4mm glass mosaic

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4mm glass mosaic
Luminous glass mosaic
No need power supplying glow for all night, economize on energy and environmental protection, That show the general mosaic in the day time or heavy bright situation, light yellow and white color available, and they can glow yellow-green and blue-green and also sky-blue etc in the darkness. They can keep glow in the darkness for 8-12 hours after absorb about 15-25minutes under the day light or strong light. Whole glow let the space abstruse peaceful romantic and mystery. Especially, they can guide the people into a safe place when the power had been shut down suddenly in emergent condition.
Swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom, science & educational museum, showplace, TV Tower, kindergarten, to be decorated on the wall, floor, stairs and a work of art in gallery, washroom etc.
Size : diameter 23mm*23mm, thickness: 4mm, 8mm.
Over size : 300mm*300mm, 295mm*295mm
Material : glass mosaic
Shape: flat , glazed
Packing: 2Sq. M./carton .                                                                                                       
Glowing Color: green, blue, sky-blue
Load quantity: 2300 square meter in 1X20' container