Photoluminescent Acrylic(PMMA) rigid board

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Photoluminescent Acrylic(PMMA) rigid board
Photoluminescent Rigid Board
(luminous acryl board
Photoluminescent rigid board is a new style product produced by special technologies. It produced from the transparent rigid board and our high luminous long-after glow photoluminescent material. The product is in semi-transparent yellow color, and have smooth surface and good luster. They will emit the wonderful yellow-green cyan light at least 10 hours in darkness after absorbing enough light.
Photoluminescent rigid board is a kind of environmental protecting products which is non-toxic, non-radioactive and harmless for person.
The appearance of luminous planking is half transparent, smooth and flat surface, good luster.
It can used in outdoors for long-term as their super weather resisting capability.
Photoluminescent rigid board has feature of high light and duration, it can glow in darkness over 10 hours.
The luminous rigid board is easy to process, it can cut out, carve and stretch to all kinds of shape. It can be printed and be bronzed on the surface.
Application field:
1, Luminous sings, emergency exit signs, house number
2, vehicle, cinema,showplace seat number markers, direct signs etc.
3, restaurant casino table number, menu etc.
4, billboard, lamp box, fitment 
5, Craft & arts
Available Specification:
1,thickness  3mm,  5mm
2 size 1.2meter x 1.8meter
Remark: 1, Size can be processed according to your requirements.
        2, The luminescent time and luminance increase with the increasing of thickness as the same board’s plastic raw materials.
        3, The transparency increase with the reduction of the thickness as the same board’s plastic raw materials.