glow mosaic

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glow mosaic
Photoluminescent glass mosaics are produced by adding photoluminescent pigment in the producing process of common glass. Compared to the common glass mosaic, the products can glow in the dark after absorbing the visible lights, which make glass mosaic used more widely.
The material of the photoluminescent glass mosaic can absorb various visible lights until saturated, then can glow in the dark constantly, it can be used repeatedly with a long time after-glow of high light which is ten times brightness than that of the traditional luminescent material. The material is non radioactive, nontoxic and harmless.
The low bright emergency lighting can guide people to evacuate orderly under emergency and reduce confusion.
The application of photoluminescent glass mosaic in the domestic houses and public buildings can not only decorate and beautify the houses and working environment, but also can bring more conveniences to residents with its glow in the dark.
Photoluminescent glass mosaic can release a certain length light wave which can restrain some kinds of mildews and diseases. This characteristic meets the fashionable and healthy living ideology for modern people by applying the products into kitchen and bath room.
Compared with other organic luminescent materials, Photo- luminescent glass mosaics are featured with corrosive-proof, friction resistance, fire retardant, aging resistance and non radioactivity which make it widely used in domestic houses and public buildings.

Available glow in the dark for 8-12hours after absorbing the visible light for 5-30min and it requires no electricity and also can repeated absorb the light and give out light