newly glaze based photoluminescent cobblestone

来源:Products S & D Department 作者:S.Z.Liu 发布:2012-8-21 修改:2012-8-21

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According to clients requirements, we had development newly photoluminescent cobblestone for aquarium application, they have following charactericis:

1, Glowing colour could be : Yellow-green, blue-green, Sky-blue

2, Stable after-glowing and Superious stronger luminance.

3, With smart shape which same with natrual cobblestone.

4, Harmless,Free-radioactivity, friendly products with fish.

Packing: could be arrange with Zip plastic bag or bluk bag with paper carton.


1, Size: 5~10mm,  10~20mm, 20~30mm or anysize accoridng to requirements.

2, Glowing: Yellow-green, Bue-green, Sky-blue.

3, 350g/bag, 500g/bag, or any others accordingly.