glow in the dark yarn

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 Glow in the dark Yarn (fiber) / glow in the dark sewing thread



PET (polyester fiber ),

PA (nylon), PP

Acrylic fiber etc.


Mainly 8 colors available (white, blue, green, yellow, pink, snow-white, Fruit Green etc. )


Luminous yarn's raw materials are photoluminescent pigment, it’s does not contain any of the ingredients harmful to human body and on the skin without any stimulation, wash water any times also will not affect the color and luminous effects.


It as long as the absorption in visible light for 10 minutes, then the energy of natural dissipation to be storage in the fiber, and glow in the dark to slow release, the luminous products like the night the stars the mysterious and full of charm


Can be used in the fields of textile, knitting, stitch, weaving, etc.. Main products such as industrial sewing thread, embroidery thread, garment fabric, clothing and decorative fabric such as weaving, underwear, curtain, curtain, table cloth, shoes, mobile phone strap, embroidery, plush fabric, fabric carpet, Tapestry Fabric, sofa fabric, embroidery products


Common specifications: 150D/2, luminous sewing thread can also according to the needs of customers.




The sewing thread package: 2000 meters, 3000 meter,

Main specifications of

polyester long fiber: 150D/36F, 300D/72F

Polyester short fiber: 21S 21S/2 twisting

nylon luminous yarn: 120D, 600D, 600D t

Polypropylene yarn mainly include: 120D, 300D, 600D, 900D





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